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  • The owners welcome you

  • Recommended wine: Caelum Malbec

  • It is not open on weekends

Caelum Winery

Bodega Caelum

The morning is cold, or rather freezing, I would say. The clear sky is immensely blue today. The hardly snow-covered mountains can be clearly appreciated. There is not a single cloud. I think that a day like this inspired Antonio Sarelli to paint «Evoking the masters», a majestic view of the Andes.

Constanza is waiting for me in the doorstep of this tiny family winery. I think there are almost no projects that are so familiar and beautifully tiny. With warmth and enthusiasm, she explains the winery’s why, how and whom.

The wines are waiting for us in a warm wood bar: a fruity, mineral Chardonnay, an attractive Cabernet, a Malbec aged in French barrel only and an Appassito Malbec, a treat I'd like for a cold night like this one.

I leave, but not without stealing some pistachios first. I travel the zigzag path, trying to open one of those pistachios. What a delight! I regret for not having tasted them with that delicious Chardonnay.